Good Buy

The TALKING Shopping List

Good Buy is the most handy way for managing your shopping lists. It offers many usefull features for efficient preparing your lists and is permanently enhanced - now introducing SPEECH and for Apple Watch


The speech feature allows you to put your iPhone into your pocket and keep both hands free. Just connect your EarPods and select the Speech option from the main menu. Then follow the instructions and you're done.

Multiple Lists

Keep organized with more than one list. Create separate lists for the different kinds of shops: grocery, bakery, pharmacy, do-it yourself. Or create an own list for your weekend home.

Just tap on the list name on top and then select one from your other lists to switch to. The number of unchecked products is shown in brackets.

And still have the ability to move items around. Slide left on a product to reveal the options to move or delete that item.


Templates are the easiest way for managing recurring parts of your shopping.

Create templates for your weekly needs, for your excursions or store the ingredients of recipies.

The quantities of a template can be normalized later on. (For an example of this feature see the corresponding tutorial from within the app.)

You can create new templates from the scratch or send all items of your current shopping list into a new template.


Each button with a circle around presents a tutorial of the underlying functionality by long pressing it.